Simply brilliant – climate scarf!

Regardless of whether you want to protect yourself from the cold or whether you want to explain the deviations from the global mean temperature from 1880 to 2018, both are possible with the climate scarf! This scarf was therefore also practical for the federal delegates’ conference of the German Green Party. Since there were many inquiries about the climate scarf, you can find some information here:

Climate protection is manual work – How to climate scarf

Everything starts small. For example, the climate scarf was developed from a baby blanket, knitted by climate scientist Prof. Ellie Highwood.

You can find the knitting pattern and color codes on her website here.

A small article by Dr. Eva Stegen on the climate scarf as well as the color codes for the knitting pattern can also be found here amd here.

Awkward – Unknit?

If you can’t knit yourself and don’t know a loved one, who has the time and the desire to knit such a scarf:
I would like to bring you together with the wonderful Christina, who has knitted all five scarves from the brave climate application writing group. For a refund of material and shipping costs (40 €) to her and a donation of at least 60 € to the Nepal Youth Foundation Germany e.V. ( she will swing the needles for you! But you have to bring a little patience – the pure knitting time is 15 hours, plus 3 hours of sewing the threads. And no, Christina is not retired 😉


Now we also have Warming Stripes Every Day Masks

Find out more here: