Nature & biodiversity protection

The protection of biological diversity is often dismissed – even by the Greens – as an “orchid theme” (sic!). The network of different species in the ecosystems ensures our survival. It’s not just about a pretty flower – or an ugly toad – disappearing. Extinction is pretty much the ultimate on our planet. It’s about entire ecosystems collapsing. That nothing grows on devastated soils except arugula and willow-herb. It is not for nothing that the research team on the planetary borders around Johan Rockstr√∂m, the new head of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, sees the decline in biodiversity as the most pressing environmental problem – even before the climate crisis. I want the EU to finally breathe life into its biodiversity strategy. States with a rich biological heritage often do not have the means to protect their treasures. That is why I will work to ensure that an EU nature conservation fund is finally set up to finance European refuges for endangered species.

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