Climate & Energy

Three years ago, the EU played a major role in the Paris Agreement – it is time to bring that to life! After all, the goals set are still far too low to meet the international law obligations from this agreement. The historical emissions of the EU are not even taken into account. The brakes and procrastinators are numerous and noisy – but every day that we let go of climate protection goes to waste our children and grandchildren.

Nuclear Energy Myths

Myth 3: Phasing out fossil fuels is not possible without nuclear power. Wrong. Results of the Greens/EFA study (2022) confirm that a very ambitious energy transition towards 100% renewable energies by 2040 is technically feasible and economically viable.

Letter to IEA: More cooperation on methane!

Together with several Members of the European Parliament and the US House of Representatives, I am calling on the International […]

EU methane regulation adopted

On April 10th 2024 the European Parliament adopted the agreement reached in negotiations with the Commission and Member States for […]

Nature & biodiversity protection

The protection of biological diversity is often dismissed – even by the Greens – as an “orchid theme” (sic!). The network of different species in the ecosystems ensures our survival. It’s not just about a pretty flower – or an ugly toad – disappearing. Extinction is pretty much the ultimate on our planet. It’s about entire ecosystems collapsing.

Climate Conference COP28: Show the courage to end the fossil age!

The year 2023 marks another year in which the world has experienced ever more floods, storms, heat waves and droughts, […]

Glyphosate: ENVI votes for re-authorization

The European Parliament’s Environment Committee (ENVI) has just voted against an objection to the re-authorization of glyphosate.  Jutta Paulus, Green […]

The EU Commission is planning to extend glyphosate approval for another 10 years

The European Commission has presented a proposal for a further extension of the approval of glyphosate. Accordingly, the herbicide will […]

Chemicals & Pesticides

Chemistry: for many greens a mysterious science, for me a good friend. The REACH legislation, at least partly a real GREEN success, has accompanied me for years of my professional life. Much of this directive is really good: for the first time, substances can be restricted in their use if there are better alternatives; the tens of thousands of “old substances” that were already on the market before the first chemicals law came into force in 1979 were finally examined; Consumers receive comprehensive information rights.

New EU F-Gas Regulation against climate crisis and perpetual chemicals (PFAS)

The European Parliament has just voted its position on the new regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases, so-called F-gases. F-gases are […]

EU Commission breaks key Green Deal promise - Chemicals regulation REACH is put on hold

The European Commission has just presented its work programme for 2023. After several postponements, the revision of the EU Chemicals […]

Webinar: LNG - The dark side of the boom!

Since the Ukraine war, Europe and Germany are facing the result of years of wrong energy policies that drove us […]