Flat-rate office allowance (“General expenditure allowance”)

Flat-rate office allowance (“General expenditure allowance”)

All MEPs are provided with €4778.00 per month for office expenses, events and other expenses related to the mandate. There is no obligation to substantiate the expenses. We Greens have always criticised this circumstance! Therefore, we have committed ourselves to document all our expenses and to keep all receipts.

I use my office allowance exclusively for purposes related to my mandate. I publish the expenses incurred in aggregated form annually on my homepage. At the end of my mandate, I will transfer unneeded amounts back to the European Parliament.

My expenses are divided into three groups:

  • Representation expenses:
    e.g. travel and hotel costs for speakers, costs for interpreters, photographers, hall rental and catering at events, working lunches.
  • Operating costs:
    e.g. rental costs for my offices in Germany, incidental costs, cleaning costs, telephone costs, internet costs, subscriptions to newspapers and newsletters, antivirus programme, software subscriptions, broadcasting fee, printing costs
  • Office supplies:
    e.g. pens, paper, furniture and electrical appliances, stamps and envelopes, office plants, coffee and tea for guests in my office.