Plastic/Circular Economy

In 2018, the EU Commission finally presented a plastic strategy to reduce the amount of plastic in the environment. Better late than never, but the proposed measures are far from sufficient. I want to work for more ambitious goals and stricter rules. Appeals to the member states are not enough; strict guidelines and deadline regulations are required. Environmentally harmful products and substances have to be withdrawn from the market – just like the REACH directive for chemicals. Additives that prevent or complicate recycling must be checked. Unnecessary double and triple packaging can be charged with a special tax. Because: how are we ever going to get into a circular economy if we don’t finally start reducing the excess? In ports, we need free plastic waste disposal options. And fishing boats that collect stray ghost nets should be given a financial incentive. But let’s not kid ourselves: with all these measures, we will only be able to reduce the plastic that is already in the environment only a little. But I want to help ensure that it doesn’t get any more!

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