PRESS RELEASE: EU Strategy for a Sustainable Blue Economy

Today, the European Commission presented its strategy for a “Sustainable Blue Economy”. This is part of the European Green Deal and includes measures for a sustainable use of marine and coastal areas.
The European Parliament’s rapporteur on the new EU regulation on greenhouse gas emissions from maritime shipping, Jutta Paulus, comments:
“I welcome the EU Sustainable Blue Economy Strategy, which was announced today in order to comprehensively protect our seas and coasts from overfishing, species extinction, pollutants, plastic waste and the consequences of the climate crisis. The European Commission must now implement the promised measures as quickly as possible. This includes the full inclusion of maritime shipping in the European Emissions Trading Scheme ETS, as demanded by us Members of the European Parliament already last year with large majority. Restricting emissions to intra-European journeys would only affect the smallest proportion of emissions and would disproportionately disadvantage European companies.
In addition, we finally need a marine conservation fund to slow down the alarming decline of species in our oceans. Without targeted measures to protect biodiversity and promote clean and climate-friendly technologies, the Sustainable Blue Economy strategy will remain mere lip service.”
Communication by the Commission on a sustainable blue economy: