Health in Europe: the way forward

Artikel in “The Parliament Magazine” 14th of May 2020


Health is our most important asset, as the COVID crisis made clear to us.

We, four green MEPs from the EU Parliament, have written an article on the future health policy of the EU. We believe there are four key health challenges in the EU that need to be addressed:

First, disaster preparedness in Europe needs to be improved, especially our ability to identify potential crises early, collect information and be ready to act when the time comes.

Second, we need a “health in all policies” approach that takes into account the impact of policy choices on health systems, health risks and the common good.

Third, the COVID-19 crisis has raised many questions about the availability of medical products and drugs. The affordability of future vaccines and treatments must also be ensured. Our current pharmaceutical policy is based on the interests of manufacturers rather than the needs of people.

Fourthly, the health of Europeans depends to an alarming degree on the production of important materials in other continents. The COVID-19 crisis exposed the shortcomings in our care system when the EU was hit by the harsh reality of drug shortages.

There is more to read in the article!