Photo contest – LET IT FLOW

Beautiful pictures wanted!

Dear friends, dear interested people, as part of my theme week nature conservation, which takes place from 25.10. to 29.10.2021, I organize a photo contest on the topic of river landscapes.

Our rivers and streams are in poor condition. In addition to chemical pollution or nutrient deposition, structural alterations are one of the greatest stresses on these important ecosystems.

Structural barriers – such as dams, weirs, ramps, and fords – have profound impacts on rivers. They affect water quality and availability, prevent natural sediment migration, and threaten the survival of endangered species. If we are to achieve the European goal of 25,000 km of free-flowing rivers, we must remove such barriers. In the coming months, the European Commission will present an EU renaturation law that will provide an opportunity to change things for the better!

But we as the Green European Group will also present our demands in a position paper in the coming days. But until then, I would like to invite you and you to participate in my photo contest on the topic of river landscapes. The goal: to capture the natural beauty of flora and fauna of aquatic ecosystems that are inextricably linked to the health of our rivers.

About the contest:

It begins today, Oct. 11, 2021, and the last day to submit proposals is Oct. 24, 2021, after which there will be two voting phases. In phase 1, I will award points together with my team. We will then publish the best 12 submissions on social media. Here, the audience will vote in phase 2. The winners will be announced on 29.10.2021.

How can you participate? Simply send an email with the subject “Let it flow” to my email address


I will send the best 12 entries to the winners in the form of a calendar for 2022. For the three best photographs there is another treat: They will be printed and exhibited in the European Parliament.

So: Share/participate in this photo competition and take part yourself! I am very much looking forward to numerous and impressive pictures.


More information about the photo contest:

Conditions of participation:

A person participates in the photo contest by sending a photo of a self-photographed image to the e-mail address: with the subject: “Let it flow”. The photo contest entry period will run from 10/11/2021 at 6:00 PM to 10/24/2021 at 11:59 PM. The jury voting phase will take place from 10/25/2021. The public voting will take place from 26.10.2021 to 28.10.2021. On 29.10.2021 the announcement of the winners will take place via email and social media. Employees of Jutta Paulus are excluded from participation.

Image rights:

By submitting the photo, the participants confirm that the image rights belong exclusively to him/her, i.e. that no third party can claim rights to the submitted image. Furthermore, the participants assure that all persons visible on the photo (if applicable) agree to the publication of the contribution.

We receive the non-exclusive right to use the photos for an unlimited period of time and irrevocably for reporting on the competition and to edit them for this purpose. This includes the distribution on my social media appearances and on my website

Exclusion from the sweepstakes:

I reserve the right to exclude participants from the competition if the submitted photos violate applicable law or good taste. This also applies to violations of the conditions of participation and attempts to manipulate the competition.

Termination of the competition:

I expressly reserve the right to terminate the competition without prior notice and without giving reasons. This applies in particular to any reasons that disrupt or prevent the competition from running as planned, or if for technical reasons it is not possible to run the competition correctly.

Data protection:

Participation in the competition requires the provision of personal data. Participants declare that the personal details they provide, in particular their first name, surname and e-mail address, are true and correct.

I would like to point out that all personal data of the participants will neither be passed on to third parties nor made available to them for use without their consent. By participating in the photo competition, participants agree to be included in my newsletter.

In the event of a win, the winners agree to the publication of their names in the advertising media used by the organiser. This includes the announcement of the winners on the website of the operator and its social media platforms.

Participants may revoke their consent at any time.