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Online Event: Methane reduction and energy security – The EU’s transformative role

9. November 2023 @ 13:30 - 15:00

As the European Union takes a leading role in addressing methane emissions from the energy sector, the global community is watching closely. Less than a month ahead of COP 28, as the EU’s regulation to reduce methane emissions enters its final negotiation phase, it presents a unique opportunity for EU policymakers to make a significant impact on global methane reduction efforts.

This webinar aims to shed light on the pivotal role the EU can play in reducing methane emissions from imported gas while ensuring its energy security and fostering reductions all along its supply chain.

We will convene a diverse panel of experts, including scientists, industry professionals, and representatives from international and non-governmental organizations, to delve into the possibilities of implementing well-designed policies, highlighting the ways in which the EU´s security of supply can be seamlessly aligned with a reduced methane footprint.

We will invite Prof. Ruud Egging-Bratseh to present findings of the Global Gas Model analysis that showcases the vast potential to yield substantial reductions in methane emissions, while maintaining the integrity of the EU´s energy security.

Addressing methane emissions is not only an open door in terms of the EU´s security of supply, but also in terms of mutually beneficial partnerships with supplier countries. We will discuss how the EU can take a lead in building these robust relationships, also using well-designed regulatory interventions, as one of the main tools for the EU to incentivize comprehensive methane management and operational changes in the oil and gas sector, which is currently lacking in many jurisdictions.

By reframing the discussion around the insights provided by the Global Gas Model on  gas market impacts and maintained energy security, this webinar aims to provide a platform for a nuanced conversation that recognizes the complex interplay between environmental goals, security of supply, and implementability.

We invite you to join this crucial dialogue and be part of the EU’s transformative journey.

Please find at the following link the final agenda of the event, the recording and the pdf version of the presentations of the speakers:


9. November 2023
13:30 - 15:00